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No Unnecessary Risks

At Variando Web Platform special attention has been given to data security and functionality, to provide a smooth, and by all means safe, visitor experience.

Web sites created by Variando Web Platform are save, and usually rated into best category in various tests. Technologies or external components commonly considered as vulnerable are not used. In addition all the sites always utilize encrypted HTTPS protocol.

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Although the Variando Web Platform has certain user identification and password protected features, such as web shop customer accounts, there is no risk for passwords being leaked out. This is because there are no passwords stored in the databases. All personal details, such as names, phone numbers and email addresses, are encrypted with continuously alternating keys.

No Cookies

The Variando Web Platform does not use cookies, because it does not need them. The pages built onto this platform are therefore pleasant to visit, as the visitor never has to grant permission to allow cookies. And there is absolutely no need to present a warning about cookies being used.

No Credit Card Details

Credit or debit card details are never captured at Variando Web Platform. If your site has a Web Shop active, payments are solely captured and processed by payment service providers, and no card details are ever transported via the Variando Web Platform.

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