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Platform for building web sites

Variando Web Platform is a solution creating easily maintainable web sites.
It is especially suitable for publishing content on multiple languages.

Variando Web Platform is a solid foundation for reliable, multi-lingual web pages. It creates pages on the fly, by combining text blocks and images, and by following your pre-defined layout instructions. Creating professional web sites is thus easy and does not require technical knowledge. The site you are reading now is also published by using Variando Web Platform.

To ensure smooth reading and navigating experience the platform is designed to be as fast as possible. Therefore also these pages were loaded smoothly, without delay. Content is optimized for mobile devices, and no cookies are used. All pages can be made available as PDF files, which for example makes publishing user guides and presentation material easy.

Page Structure

Most web pages are composed from blocks. A block typically contains an image or images, title, possibly a subtitle, text and links to other pages. At Variando Web Platform pages are also built by using blocks, and for example the paragraph you are reading now, is one of these blocks.

Multiple Languages

To create a multi-lingual web site, all the site content can be written on multiple languages. Maybe there is no need to translate everything, but language support for is still a standard feature on every web site. Another standard feature is text search on all pages.

Page Layouts

The layout of each web site is almost freely amendable. At this site only a very simple layout and color scheme has been used, but all the colors, fonts and font sizes are adjustable. There are also several options for text layouts, and all these can scale down to different sizes of screens, and to mobile devices.

Graphical Elements

Without images hardly any web site would be very interesting. Company logo can be added into the page header, or be shown above titles on every page. Each content block can contain an image or a video, or that can even be the sole content of a block. Background images are great to color up the site.

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